We’re working to cut New Zealand’s waste with research and advocacy for effective recycling systems.

We’ve launched The Kiwi Bottle Drive, a campaign to get a cash for containers scheme in New Zealand. You can help by getting signatures on the online petition – or collecting them on a paper petition form.

Cash for containers (also known as container deposit schemes) will create an incentive to recycle, stopping bottles & cans from floating in the sea, littering streets and going into landfill.

Every year in New Zealand, we waste the equivalent of 700 Jumbo Jets full of beverage containers, causing irreparable damage to ecosystems and squandering natural resources. Recycling rates in New Zealand are probably no more than 30%, but a Cash for Containers scheme (refundable deposits on beverage containers) would increase that to 80% or even more. This will save councils millions of dollars and create thousands of new jobs right around New Zealand.

Bottle drives were a proud kiwi tradition, it’s time to bring them back, modernised, and end the era of single-use plastic bottles.

We used to have bottle deposits in New Zealand until the 1970s when drink companies like Coca Cola brought in throw-away drink containers. People could no longer get refunds for their bottles, so they just threw them away, leading to the litter problems we have today. The community has consistently called for the return of the ‘bottle deposit’ but industry blames consumers for all the waste and litter and funds anti-litter campaigns and dubious research instead. It’s time to bring back Cash for Containers!

Sign the petition – We want the NZ government to create a CASH FOR CONTAINERS scheme!